Pete Davidson: Regretting Reaching Out?


So i’ve been scrolling through twitter all day seeing posts about 25 year old Pete Davidson from New York, who took to instagram to tell the world ‘he no longer wanted to be on this earth anymore’. The young comedian who has been diagnosed with BPD in the past has been open about his mental health.. Hes had like one hell of a year, hes so young, broke up with his Popstar girlfriend Ariana Grande (QUEEEEEEEEN) and has faced online bullying for the length of the relationship. WHAT A SHIT TIME.

So obviously theres the mighty tribe of us mental health supporters and sufferers who have been backing the comedian with caring comments and sharing love all cross social media. Thats the kind of thing that you would expect for someone suffering an illness.. or is it?

I’ve been into the deep dark trenches of twitter and instagram all day and found some of the most hurtful comments. Things like ‘depression is selfish’, ‘he deserves to die’, ‘he should be grafeful for his life’. What makes anyone think hes not grafeful for his life? Its just his life is overburdened with a festering, grim illness called depression. Thats just one of the symptoms that comes with BPD anyway, not to mention the rest of the shit that comes with it. Poor bugger needs a cuddle, not a telling off for reaching out for a helping hand. As sufferers of mental health, are we adapt to just knowing that these comments are going to come our way? Because i know that when i tell my family that im going through a bad time, one of them will always have a shitty comment like that, because theres always that one person who just doesnt understand.

He deleted his account after that post, is it because he feels that disconcerning feeling of ‘oh shit should i have done that? are people going to think im over reacting, attention seeking?’.. i feel his pain if it is, because sometimes when you reach out to someone, you almost feel shame, regret, feel like a burden.. I’ve done things like that, told someone i was struggling and then took it back, told them i was fine and didnt mean any of it. Maybe he felt deleting his account was a way of retracting his post, then thinking that his appearance on Saturday Night Live later that evening, was a way of showing the world he was actually okay?

Whatever is going through his head right now, i hope hes safe and surrounded by people who care and can support him. And that the little hags of the world who want to bully and put ANYBODY down for mental health issues, retreat back to their hovels and chew on their own feet or something. Anything besides putting people of the world down, kindness is key and it doesnt hurt or cost anything to give it.


Love from me x


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