Santa: What the adult me wants


Last night me and my mum put out a piece of paper and pencil for my little one to make her own christmas list for Santa, shes only young so im not sure she even understands but she was still excitedly sat drawing circles around the page.

It got me thinking about my old letters to Santa and what i used to ask for. I remember one christmas i wanted a Peter Pan costume, god knows why. But anyway, i hadnt put it on my list, so i prayed for it on christmas eve. Obviously, i didnt get it.. ‘Santa’ didnt know about it because it wasnt on my list..

So i was thinking, with it being christmas and it being magical and what not, i would write my own list, so last night i sat with my notebook and wrote down a list of 5 things id ask Santa for as an adult and wanted to share them with everyone..

  1. First off i asked for my family, friends and most of all, little one, to always continue to be safe, healthy and happy in their lives
  2. I’d like to heal any person from my past, that i might have hurt or effected with my actions.
  3. I wouldnt ask to change my life, but to take away the anguish happening everyday, the moods, the rollercoaster feelings, heal my lost little heart and help me get through the day
  4. Give me something to feel purposeful for. That sounds terrible with me having a little one, dont get me wrong, she gives me purpose, but i dont have anything for myself. For me. I dont feel i contribute anything to the world, id ask for that.
  5. Can the whole world be like Disney? But then i thought, well it kind of always has been. Theres the good people that go about their days spreading joy, happiness and sometimes singing (me, badly).. then theres the baddies, causing pain, war and terrorism. So instead id ask for the world to be a little more kind..

I’m not sure how many of these things are within Santas magical power limits, but it would be great if he could fulfil at least a couple wouldnt it?

What would you ask for?

Love from me x

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