Achuluophobia: The eternal stretch of nothingness


Are you afraid of the dark? Well we are not alone, because i am petrified and so are 11% of the public. So at least we aren’t just the only ones being ‘scaredy cats’.


Ever since i was little i’ve been so frightened of what looms in the unknown black space of darkness. I hated going to bed because i knew that’s when all the lights would be turned off, hated the windows when it was night-time because i couldn’t see what was outside. I always have and always will sleep with a light on.

But what is it about the unknown that send shivers down our spine? A lot of people in this world thrive on finding out about the unknown and sharing it with the world.



These are a few things i do to help me when the sun goes down..

  • Leave a bedside light on so you don’t wake up in darkness
  • When you leave a room, switch on the light in the next room before switching off the light in the other room
  • Use candles to set a peaceful ambience when night time falls
  • Play music in the night time if you dont have the tv on
  • If you have to go out into the dark, like fetch something in from outside or close the garden gate, count outloud while youre out there or sing or hum you favourite song

I know these things may sound so stupid to people who are not afraid of the dark, but for me and some others i think that even little tips can help us get through the night



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