When we need a safe place: Tips to create a space for you to go


(Moana is one of my safe films at the moment, makes me feel relaxed)

Everyone has their place to go when they’re feeling anxious, panicky or just not feeling well within their mental health. So i just wanted to write some tips for people who struggle to find somewhere that they can go to and feel safe, from their mental health, family, friends and just the outside world. Whether it be a safe place in your mind, physically, virtually or an actual place like a room.

So make sure your safe place is happy, calm and secure. Maybe light some candles, create a calm environment, take time out from the kids, family or friends. If you’re not able to get away from people, maybe just let them know that youre struggling and you need some time.

Pick up a favourite blanket, hoody, pair of pjs or slippers. Surround yourself with things that make you feel secure, it could be photos or an object you can hold

This place may not even be in your house, it could be a friend or familys house.. or sometimes i like going to a coffee shop or my favourite is Waterstones book store, especially when they have somewhere to sit and just read.

I always find that if i keep my safe place rubbish free, tidy and clean that i always feel 10 times better. Try to keep your safe place neat, itll leave your mind clear and you wont be worrying about mess to clean up.

My favourite place is cuddled up somewhere, whether it be in bed, on the sofa or i actually love bundling up and taking my little one to the cinema, the dark room and big screen comforts me, i have no idea why!

Put on some music that makes you feel good about yourself, or maybe makes you want to dance.. i will always encourage dancing!

Also this is so random but people might feel the same, i love going to big open shopping centres or even the grocery store.. because its big and bright and it kind of makes me feel invisible because its so busy and people are rushing round, its like im not seen and i love that feeling

I dont know if thisll help anyone in the slighest but i wanted to give my little tips to see if it would help anyone

love you all lots anyway


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