My Anxiety Coping Methods

Now, I’m not going to say I’m perfect and when I’m anxious I go into my CBD or DBT mode and start doing strategies straight out of my NHS booklet.. sometimes I drink, eat too much, not eat enough, sleep too much and smoke too much..

BUT I do try to cope with my anxiety in my own ways, I wanted to share these with you in case any of them were something you could also use.


Oh how I love to get stuck into a good book, recently I read “the first time she drowned”, this was such a surprising book, I couldn’t put it down, I won’t tell you what it was about but I’ll just tell you to go and get it okay? It’s bloody great.


LOL okay so this one not so much, but maybe you’ll catch me in the gym, smashing the tread mill with my whale feet (they have feet now okay?) and blasting out some angry Ariana or Cardi B, OKUUUUURRRR

Breathing exercises:

I do love practicing good breathing techniques. If you good them, you’ll find videos and tutorials on many different ways of doing this to calm your anxiety. Me personally, I like “deep belly breathing”, maybe it’s something to do with my little chub tummy that gives me gratification, I’m not sure.

So I breathe in for 8 seconds, but the most important thing is it’s in through the nose and stretch out your belly like it’s filling with air, it takes practice, sometimes you’ll breathe with your lungs and okay that sounds stupid but once you’re able to take a deep breathe through your nose and into your belly, back out again for 8 seconds, it really takes the edge off any unease I am feeling.

Get a new hobby:

So the past 2 months, I’ve learnt to knit, crochet, blog, create YouTube videos, cook, speak a little Italian and my favourite of all, I joined a horse riding club. I’m not an expert rider, you won’t see me flying over jumps and cantering away into the distance. I can just about trot without falling off. BUT I love it and it take away my anxiety because I’m focusing on not freaking the horse out, falling off and keeping my fucking toes in the air through the stirrups. It’s a bloody hard job just to ride of the back of these majestic creatures.. but it’s worth it because afterwards I feel elated and I go home knowing I’ve done something good for my soul. Also horses look into your freaking soul, no joke, when the horse I ride Rocky sees me and I’m happy, he’s happy, if I’m anxious, he looks away, so I calm myself down and buck myself up and he pushes his head into my side and it’s almost like a hug. Bloody magical.

Being around animals:

So this one is similar to being round Rocky the horse, here my parents have 5 cats and the neighbours 3 dogs come over everyday, so I’m surrounded. And it’s a bloody lovely feeling, pets just want to be loved and cuddled and played with. Not so much the cats they frigging scram me if I play too much or rub their bloody bellies for too long, spoiled little bastards. But the dogs just love fuss, cuddles, play fighting and even love it when I groom them?! And it’s lush, just to have a furry little friend near or on your lap just makes you feel like you’re doing a good job at something, like oh wow something actually likes and enjoys my company, it’s a fucking Christmas miracle.


Great thing to get your claws into when you’re feeling like shit, only if you have time though because once you get stuck into American Horror Story or the girls on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, forget the next 24 hours because you’ll be glued, you’ll only get up for food, drink and the toilet, sometimes you might not even make the toilet, but that’s okay! Just keep a jug next to you, nobody will know 😉

My Little Pie:

As weird as it sounds but this has been my daughters nick name since the day I set eyes on her, I just called her pie. I think it came from sweetie pie but I found that name too sickly, bluh. So it was just pie hahaha pie face, little pie, pie bum, pie in the sky.. literally she’s going to die when I start calling her that in front of her friends. But being around her just fills my heart with a feeling that if you could capture in a bottle and share it with the world there would be peace, Donald trump would shut his little mahogany glowing face and be overcome with joy, and stop trying to build walls and shit. So yeah she’s my little love bug, peace maker, light of my life. She’s gorgeous, her smile could melt any icy heart that came her way, her giggles and laughs grace my ears and turns me into a cooing zombie mom, she just puts me in a trance.

Disclaimer: in no way am I claiming that this toddler does not cause riots when she doesn’t get her way, doesn’t run away when I’m already 25 minutes late and I want to dress her and in no way am I saying that she doesn’t make steak come out of my ears and puts my in a crazy love rage where I want to kill her and hug her both at the same time..

So that’s my couple of coping methods, I mean I’m sure I have more that I could have written down but I’m anxious, so trying to come up with nice things that relax me whilst eyes are twitching feels like I’m running into shark infested waters, anxiety for me is just like that. It’s like an impending sense of doom, being frightened for absolutely no reason, it’s bloody nonsense. But I’m telling you it’s horribly real and scary.

If anyone has any coping techniques they want to share I’d love to hear them! Comment below or tweet me.. I love hearing from you guys

Love you xox


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