My Anxiety Coping Methods


Now, I'm not going to say I'm perfect and when I'm anxious I go into my CBD or DBT mode and start doing strategies straight out of my NHS booklet.. sometimes I drink, eat too much, not eat enough, sleep too much and smoke too much.. BUT I do try to cope with my anxiety … Continue reading My Anxiety Coping Methods

Santa: What the adult me wants

Last night me and my mum put out a piece of paper and pencil for my little one to make her own christmas list for Santa, shes only young so im not sure she even understands but she was still excitedly sat drawing circles around the page. It got me thinking about my old letters … Continue reading Santa: What the adult me wants

‘Self Care’: Is it harmful?

Sometimes i will spend a day in bed, i will stay away from my phone, i wont contact anyone, watch tv all day.. and that to me is self care. But to a lot of other people that's isolating myself, worrying people because they can't get hold of me or worst of all being called … Continue reading ‘Self Care’: Is it harmful?