Pete Davidson: Regretting Reaching Out?

So i've been scrolling through twitter all day seeing posts about 25 year old Pete Davidson from New York, who took to instagram to tell the world 'he no longer wanted to be on this earth anymore'. The young comedian who has been diagnosed with BPD in the past has been open about his mental … Continue reading Pete Davidson: Regretting Reaching Out?

The 9 traits ‘needed’ for a BPD diagnoses

Someday lets hope that this pain will be useful.. i wanted to put my own views into what Borderline Personality Disorder is and my experiences with each of the symptoms: They say that in order to diagnose someone with BPD, they need to have at least 6 of the 9 popular criteria that come with … Continue reading The 9 traits ‘needed’ for a BPD diagnoses

Borderline Mum: The average day

Get up girl. Wishing i had died in my sleep, realising i didn't so i'd probably lie in bed for another half, maybe an hour, wondering what the hell to do with my day because i don't have a job and i don't have any motivation to leave the house.. then id go to the … Continue reading Borderline Mum: The average day