Pain, i’m feeling fire

My brother, my best friend, hes hurting right now.. that means im hurting too. He has a problem with drugs and alcohol and he has relapsed a few times and now again.. It fucking hurts me and my family but i know what addiction is like and i know that he cannot help it, its … Continue reading Pain, i’m feeling fire

When you just can’t explain whats wrong

Its so annoying i always start my blog posts with 'so', its starting to get on my nerves, anyyyyyway I havent been feeling good just this past day, my friend has been here from the UK which has been lovely but it still doesnt mean my mental health sits on the back burner like 'hey … Continue reading When you just can’t explain whats wrong

When we need a safe place: Tips to create a space for you to go

(Moana is one of my safe films at the moment, makes me feel relaxed) Everyone has their place to go when they're feeling anxious, panicky or just not feeling well within their mental health. So i just wanted to write some tips for people who struggle to find somewhere that they can go to and … Continue reading When we need a safe place: Tips to create a space for you to go

Santa: What the adult me wants

Last night me and my mum put out a piece of paper and pencil for my little one to make her own christmas list for Santa, shes only young so im not sure she even understands but she was still excitedly sat drawing circles around the page. It got me thinking about my old letters … Continue reading Santa: What the adult me wants

Pete Davidson: Regretting Reaching Out?

So i've been scrolling through twitter all day seeing posts about 25 year old Pete Davidson from New York, who took to instagram to tell the world 'he no longer wanted to be on this earth anymore'. The young comedian who has been diagnosed with BPD in the past has been open about his mental … Continue reading Pete Davidson: Regretting Reaching Out?

Borderline Mum: The average day

Get up girl. Wishing i had died in my sleep, realising i didn't so i'd probably lie in bed for another half, maybe an hour, wondering what the hell to do with my day because i don't have a job and i don't have any motivation to leave the house.. then id go to the … Continue reading Borderline Mum: The average day