My Anxiety Coping Methods


Now, I'm not going to say I'm perfect and when I'm anxious I go into my CBD or DBT mode and start doing strategies straight out of my NHS booklet.. sometimes I drink, eat too much, not eat enough, sleep too much and smoke too much.. BUT I do try to cope with my anxiety … Continue reading My Anxiety Coping Methods

Pain, i’m feeling fire

My brother, my best friend, hes hurting right now.. that means im hurting too. He has a problem with drugs and alcohol and he has relapsed a few times and now again.. It fucking hurts me and my family but i know what addiction is like and i know that he cannot help it, its … Continue reading Pain, i’m feeling fire

Have you heard of the 2 Wolves?

When I was in 'crisis' back in April time, the crisis team came out to me and i met someone (lets call him Greg) who really inspired me to use DBT skills to balance out my mental illness. He used different DBT skills with me each day, the first day he would teach me one … Continue reading Have you heard of the 2 Wolves?

Psychosis, delusions and hallucinations..

Lying in bed, i'm small, young. I can't remember how old i was, all i know is that i had forever friends bedding, wallpaper and matching lamps. I have a small window up against my bed with a sill, so the curtains brush my duvet. I sleep with the light on, because im petrified of … Continue reading Psychosis, delusions and hallucinations..

When you just can’t explain whats wrong

Its so annoying i always start my blog posts with 'so', its starting to get on my nerves, anyyyyyway I havent been feeling good just this past day, my friend has been here from the UK which has been lovely but it still doesnt mean my mental health sits on the back burner like 'hey … Continue reading When you just can’t explain whats wrong

When we need a safe place: Tips to create a space for you to go

(Moana is one of my safe films at the moment, makes me feel relaxed) Everyone has their place to go when they're feeling anxious, panicky or just not feeling well within their mental health. So i just wanted to write some tips for people who struggle to find somewhere that they can go to and … Continue reading When we need a safe place: Tips to create a space for you to go